I have to admit, I am a great fan of the Saxonsprings story. I say story, as I never had the chance to experience the wolderful period in our breed this kennel brought to the scene. Saxonsprings was the kennel, the most influential lhasa apso kennel based in England, piloted by Mrs. Jean Blyth.

From a strong bitch line, to her connection with American Orlane kennel, into breeding some of the most wonderful lhasas in history. From Dog of the year, to Crufts BIS winner. She has done it all as a breeder, but most importantly as a dedicated dog person.

I am sometimes shocked that many people in the breed today don´t know this part of the breed´s history. I decided to put together articles about and of this kennel. I remember reading the interview with Jean Blyth when I was still hight school, using the dictionary to translate what she had to say. She may not be with us, but her story and most of all, her knowledge is more relevant today then ever.

All the articles shared bellow are from outside internet source, I do not own any rights to them. They are here for all of you to enjoy!

Spotlight on Jean Blyth
Question: Having been in the breed for eighteen years now,
how do you feel it has progressed?
Answer: An exhibitor, returning to the ringside after a twenty year absence would be astonished at the large number of expertly presented, eye-catching dogs, with glamorous coats sweeping the ground as they move confidently and freely around the ring. While I doubt if there is… read more

Saxonsprings story by Jean Blyth 
My interest in dogs goes back to my school days before the war, when my mother bred and showed Scottish Terriers and puppies were far more fascinating to play with than dolls. One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother… read more

The Jean Blyth Story by Ken Woosnam
I can remember very well the first time I met Jean, it was at Leeds Championship show where the late Thelma Morgan introduced me to her… read more

The Saxonsprings Legend – The Early Years – By Glenys Dolphin
“I was fortunate, together with my mother the late Thelma Morgan, to know Jean Blyth well, especially in the very early years when she was developing her kennel and her blood line…. read more