Pictures above is our beautiful Daniel, at his 4years of age.

We are well and sound. Everyone in Radically is doing great since the last time I posted some news.

Stormy returned back to his owners in UK and gained his English Champion title with just two dogshows being shown by Dale Francis. And now he is enjoying his time being cut down and happy in the garden, as he always liked.

A beautiful girl puppy we sent to Kathy Constable and her family in Canada from our last litter is doing great. Her name is Mercedes Marie, or Radically´s Foreign Affair. She is still a young lhasa girl under the age of 2019 and Numbe 4 in the breed. We hope she will do really well in the future, once she matures!

We do not have much of the shownews. Yet she was Number  since last year. But  Lhasa Female in Candana in hopefully we will show some more in the future. Daniel is maturing nicely and we are looking to have some lovely puppies later this year. I am already excited about it!


We have had a wonderful weekend at two International shows in Bratislava.  The first day Stormy made his mark taking BOB, Best In Group and BIS 3 and showing happy in the summer hot weather! Thank you to judges Constantinos Andreou (breed), Viera Vítková (group), Pero Bozhinovski (BIS).

We cant´t forget to mention Lilly, Radically´s Dalilah, who also took BOS on Saturday to Stormy! And on Sunday Storm was not enetred and Lilly went on to win another BOS with CAC and CACIB under Mr. Miroslav Guniš. This win also made her a brand new Slovakian Champion! So happy for this beautiful girl!


Our F babies out of Bailee by Storm are 8 weeks old today. We are very pleased with them. I might have one available to a lovely, forever home. Preferably show home. Contact me for more information.


New puppy pictures of our Royal Wedding F Litter.


We are excited to share with you beautiful, new litter born in our home today.
Check out more about them here!


I am happy to share the news from our short and fun weekend in Romania. We visited two International shows and one National show in Satu Mare. Our lovely visitor Stormy took Best Of Breed two times, and one BOS with two CACIBs! Now he can be proudly called Champion Chethang Storm, as he finished the Romanian title with these wins, too! Thank you to judges Petru Muntean, Salvatore Tripolli and Ferenc Gröschl for appreciating his qualities! We had an amazing time in Romania with my poodle friends!


We had a wonderful time with Stormy, aka BISS Chethang Storm in Nitra. He was entered only on Saturday show and did it in style. Winning BOB with CACIB under a strict eye of Mr. Robert Kanas and res. BIG in a very strong competition under Mr. Guenther Ehrenreich. Thank you to both judges and for the support to all our friends. We had a great time.


We had a fantastistic show yesterday! Tibetan Breed Club Specialty in Slovakia was held my hometown Banská Bystrica this year, so it was really lovely to have my mom, dad and sister with her two boys visiting the show. 

And the results were fabulous, too! Chethang Storm took it all by winning CAC, Best Male, BOB and Best In Specialty Show! Wohoo!  Best Junior and BOB Junior in Lhasas was our young Edgar, Radically´s Edgar owned by Lena Csandall.

Last but not least I also showed our beautiful Lilly, or Radically´s Dalilah. She won a big open class with CAC and was second Best Bitch behind a champion female. Not a bad result for her second dogshow in her life! The Specialty was judged by Viera Vítková. I am humbled and grateful!

The show as beautifully organized at a great, modern venue with lots of great gifts and prices for all the winners. My big congratulations goes to organizers!
All these great pictures are taken by Lena Csandall & Fero Csandall! Thank you!


Picture by ProDog Magazine

I am still on the cloud nine from the yesterday´s show. Our lovely visitor Chethang Storm went to win reserve Best In Show at the All Breed International show in Graz, Austria. The judges were Mr. Stefan Sinko (BIS), Mrs. Heidi Kirschbichler (Group) and Mrs. Brigita Kremser (Breed). I am grateful and humble to win under names who I respect so much in our sport. Big thank you to the judges and all everyone who supported us yestrday!
Storm is owned and bred by Jacquie and David Chalmers. It is a pleasure and honor to pilot him for them.


Just wanted to share these fantastic new pictures of Chethang Storm pictured by the very talented Tereza Subertova. I absolutely adore them!


Just wanted to share some beautiful shots of Stormy my friend Lena Csandal took. Thank you!


picture by Martina Adamekova

Our beautiful British visitor Stormy, or officially Chethang Storm, has been with us just one week, he already showed really well at International show in Nitra and was awarded CAC, CACIB and Best Of Breed under Mrs. Iveta Vojteková. He later also got selected in the group. Not a bad start at all. He is such a good boy. Thank you to the judge and all our friends at the show!


We are thrilled to welcome to our home Chethang Storm,  our beautiful visitor from UK. Thank you Jacquie and David Chalmers for letting him come to us. See more about this stunning dog on his page.


On this day I just wanted to share this beautiful picture taken by Birte Scheels and posted on facebook.

It was taken 27 years ago. All the dogs pictures are sired by Saxonsprings Famous Flier. The last one is beautiful Scheel’s Top Pritority, the sire of our Daniel and Lilly. The last two dogs have the same parents.

Seeing this picture makes me feel humble and thrilled that we used the last semen of Topper for our breeding. This was the golden era of the breed in Scandinavia and one we admire so much. These dogs gave us the ideal we keep in our minds for the future breedings.

Scheel’s Fame-N-Fortune, Palomino’s Criss-Cross, Scheel’s Pride-N-Joy, Scheel’s Top Pritority. Picture by Birte Scheels


Wishing all of our friends and fans happy year of 2018. We are planning some exciting news and litters this year. Come back to learn more, soon! 🙂


We had a great weekend in Nitra CACIB shows in Slovakia. Our Daniel, Ch. Radically´s Daniel, finished his International Champions winning CACIB and BOS both days under Mrs. Monika Blaha and Mr. Christian Jouanchicot. Thank you goes to both judges. This was the first weekend Daniel could finish his title after one year period and he managed to do it easily. We are very proud of this still very young boy.

We also showed young Radically´s Edgar on Saturday. He showed perfectly and won Very Promissing 1 and Best Puppy. Edgar is owned by Lena and Fero Csandal, who give him the best of care!


We came back from the World Dog Show in Leipzig with lots of emotions and happy feelings. Our young Daniel, or Ch. Radically´s Daniel, was placed 3rd in open class under Mr. Jean-François Vanaken. We enjoyed our time in the ring and out of it. It was absolutely great to see many friends and many lovely dogs, too. This was the strongest competition in the breed and that is always great to see. Thank you for the pictures Martina Adamekova and for the video Berit Rosenfeldt!



Really good news from the Animal Health Trust. After 20 years pf research, Lhasa Apso had the DNA test for PRA4 developed. It was introduced on September 3rd and we ordered the tests for three of our dogs right away. today we recieved the results and we are thrilled.

Radically´s Daniel  – PRA4 CLEAR
Radically´s Dalilah  – PRA4 CLEAR
Radically´s Bailee  – PRA4 CLEAR


We had a great weekend in Italy with Ch. Radically´s Daniel winning CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed on CACIB Trieste under a toy specialist Mr. Paolo Lovaglio. Thank you for your judgment and to my friends for a great weekend full of fun!


Daniel winning in style today. CACIB, Best male and BOS at CACIB Oberwart under. Mrs. Natasa Blanusa. Thank you!


I am very late behind the news and busy with things at home. I completely forgot to share that our Daniel, or Ch. Radically´s Daniel, has become a brand new Grand Champion of Slovakia. He fnished his title at the International shows in Nitra in the beginning of June going BOB under Mr. Jakub Kruczek and winning champion class and res. Best male under Mr. Jeff Luscott. Thank you to both judges!


What a debut for our little Lilly! She is Daniel´s litter sister named Radically´s Dalilah and has never been shown before. She debuted this weekend at a Specialty of the Slovak Tibetan Breeds Club and took won Club Winner female, BOB and res. Best In Show with her brother Daniel winning Club Winner male and BOS! I could not be more pleased with this lhasa duo. Huge thank you to the Tibetan breeds specialist judge Mrs. Simona Jemelková for appreciating my dogs!

We also took some new pictures of Lilly, take a look at her page!


There is a new Best In Group winner in the house! Our young Daniel, Ch. Radically´s Daniel, won Best Of Breed, Best In Group 1 and res. Best of Day at the International show in Wieselburg, Austria. I could not be happier. Daniel is still a teenager and I know he will only be better in the future. Thank you goes to three judges who placed Daniel so high this weekend. Mr. Robert Blumel (breed), Mr. Darko Korosec (group) and Mrs. Heliane Meissen-Jarisch (BOD). Thank you!


The puppies are 7 weeks old tomorrow. They are enjoying the garden and just love to explore everything. Here are just a few snapshots.  We might be looking for a suitable co-owner on one of the boys. Please, contact me if you are interested.

Šteniatka budú mať 7 týždňov. Užívajú si záhradu a všetko nové.
Pokiaľ máte záujem o šteniatko, neváhajte nás kontaktovať! Pre jedného z psíkov hľadáme vhodného spolumajiteľa. Pokiaľ by ste mali záujem, určite nám dajte vedieť!


We had a fantastic day at the Tibetan Breed Club Specialty in Austria this past weekend. Daniel, Ch. Radically´s Daniel, showed for the very first time in the champion class and won over much older competition. He was also awarded Best Male, Club Winner and BOS! Thank you to the judge Mr. András Korozs from Hungary and the Öth Tibetische Hunderassen Club for a nice show!


Babies are two weeks old!


We have an exciting new litter born! Check out the puppies page!

Máme šteniatka. Pozrite si ich stránku!


We showed at CACIB show in Katowice, Poland this past weekend. I only took Bailee along on the trip and she had a great time. She made it all the way to BOB with CACIB and finished her Champion of Poland title under Mr. Johan Andersson from Sweden. She later ended up being awarded Group 4 under Svend Løvenkjær from Denmark. Thank you to both judges very much!


These beautiful new pictures of our Bailee were taken by a young and talented Tereza Šubertová! Thank you Tereza!


Slovakia Champion of Champions is over and this years finals were amazing for us!

Our young Radically´s Daniel won the Best Junior in Group 9 and finished as a Vice Junior Champion of Champions in Slovakia! The judges were Mrs. Zdenka Jílková and Mr. Vladimír Piskay! My big thank you to both of them!

I also showed Bailee who finished of as res. Best in Group 9 under 5 prestiguos judges! I could not be more proud!


Danny showing off his stuff n the final ring. Picture by Zuzana Hodová

Still filled with emotions from the beautiful DuoCACIB shows in Brno this weekend. These are my favourite shows. This year was superb. The shows are really created for exhibitors and dogs. Just a great place to visit and enjoy the show.

Bailee winning CACIB and BOS the first day under Mr. Vladimir Javorcik.
Bailee winning CACIB and BOS the first day under Mr. Vladimir Javorcik.

I showed Bailee and Daniel on Saturday. Both of them won CACIBs. Bailee went  to win BOS and 17 months old Daniel took Best Of Breed under Mr. Vladimir Javorčík (SK). He later went on to place a very strong Group 9 under Mrs. Beata Petkevica (LV). They both qualified for the Crufts 2018 with their wins.

Daniel in the Group!

I only showed Daniel on Sunday and he shined again taking another CACIB with BOB under Mrs. Zdenka Jílková (CZ). And later won beautiful res. Best In Group under Mr. Dusan Paunovic (SRB). I could not have been prouder! Thank you to these judges for appreciating Daniel´s qualities. It is always pleasure to be appreciated by respected Group specialists. Daniel is still a young dog and already making us very proud!

Video from the group on Sunday can be seen here. The Group  9 starts at about 2:47:00.


We had a great start of the show year in Slovakia at two International shows in Nitra. The first day Daniel won best male with CACIB and Bailee, or BISS Ch. Radically´s Bailee, went reserve CACIB under Mrs. Jana Kurišová (SK). On Sunday the young Daniel won CACIB again from the intermediate class and finished as BOS to Bailee who took the breed under Mrs. Iveta Vojteková (SK). Bailee also shined in the group ring where she took Best in Group 1 under Mrs. Zofia Konderla (PL). Thank you to all the judges for these wonderful results!

With these wins our Radically´s Daniel also finished his second champion title. Just 16 months old now also a Slovak Champion! I am extremely proud!



Fantastic start of the year! Our dear Bailee, or BISS Ch. Radically´s Bailee and her son Daniel recieved BOB and BOS titles at Champion of Champions show in Hungary with Bailee taking the breed under Mr. Vojislav Al-Daghistani. They both becase Hungarian Champions! Daniel being just 16 month old, this is definitely one of our records!

Bailee was later selected among the top 3 of the group and in final K.O. system 5 judges put her among the top 6 of all breeds! We are super happy! Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all the judges for your appreciation and for a very nice show!

The next day we had a fantastic walk with the first snow of the winter in our village! Enjoy watching more of our life on my instagram!


Our young Daniel had a great weekend at 2 CACIB shows in Nitra. He just turned 15 months old on Saturday and could compete with the big boys in the intermediate class. He did it in style starting off his carreer on Saturday under Mr. Miroslav Guniš (SK) and finished off on Sunday winning Best Of Breed with his first CACIB under a very strict judging of Mr. Laurent Heinesche (LUX). Thank yo uboth judges for awarding such a young male!

We could not be happier with Daniel. He still needs to wrap his head around the final ring which he considers a playground, yet. But I feel confident he will get there. And honestly, I could not wish for more than a happy dog in the ring. I will take that any day! 🙂  The beautiful pictures by Tereza Šubertová!


Our young Daniel is a brand new Junior Champion of Slovakia. He finished in just two weekends. He was the Junior Winner both days at the International shows in Bratislava and ended up being awarded BOS on Sunday, too! The judges were Mrs. Iveta Vojteková (Saturday) and Mrs. Zdenka Jílková (Sunday). Thank you to both, we had great time!



We had a wonderful time showing at the Tibetan Breeds club Specialty in Slovakia and our Mother-Son golden treasures took it all with Bailee going BISS and Daniel being awarded BISS Junior! They showed like little troopers, I am very proud! Thank you to the judge Mrs. Yana Adolfovna Gavrilova from Russia, and big thank you to all our friends for support. We made a trip out of the show and had a great time!

BTW, we also added a new sites for Daniel and Lilly, they are almost grown up, so they sure deserved their own pages on here! Check them out in the menu under Our dogs, or here: Daniel & Lilly

We have also addeda new galler on the site of our Bailee. She will be 4 years old soon and we took some beautiful shots. You can see them on her site. Enjoy!



Finally I got around to putting up some news from the past few months. We have taken a long and much needed show break this summer. But just before that our Bailee had some great shows!

In the spring she took the BOB with another CACIB at International shows in Nitra under Mrs. Iveta Vojteková.

Bailee taking BOB under Mrs. Iveta Vojteková (SK)
Bailee taking BOB under Mrs. Iveta Vojteková (SK)

Bailee also won yet another Best of Breed Lhasa apso & BISS at the Slovak Tibetan breeds specialty under Mr. Shaun Watson.

And Bailee also had a fantastic weekend at the spring shows in Dortmund in Germany. First day she won the champion class with CAC under Mrs. Thuula Platan from Finland and went on to win the class again with CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS the next day under Mr. Tony Moran.

I could not have been more proud of her and I want to express big Thank you to all the judges and our friends who support us along the way. And after a much needed break, we will be back out at shows soon!


Our brother/sister duo had a great weekend at two CACIB shows in Budapest, Hungary. Radically´s Bailee won the breed the first day with CACIB and finished her International championship title under Mrs. Iveta Vojteková! Her brother Brooklyn was BOS. Bailee also won res. Best In Group under the group spcialist Mrs. Rainer Jacobs from Germany!

The second day Brooklyn was the BOB winner and Bailee took BOS under Mrs. Ágnes Ganami Kertes and he ended up winning the Group 1 under  Mrs. Carmen Navarro from Spain!

Thank you to all th fantastic judges who appreciated our dogs this weekend. I am super proud of these two animals, both International champions now., and can´t wait to show them more often this year. Lhasas take long time to mature, so three years is just the time they are starting to look the best!


This year we started off showing slowly and taking it easy. Our beautiful Bailee is maturing beautifully after her litter in September. Her first shows in Slovakia were in January where she won BOB with CACIB one day, under Mr. Miroslav Guniš and res. CACIB one day under Mrs. Linda Voláriková. Thank you!


The year 2015 is coming to its end and we celebrate it with wonderful news. Our BISS Ch. Radically´s Brooklyn ended the show season as

No. 3 dog of All Breeds in Slovakia in 2015!
He is also No. 1 in Group 9 and No. 1 Lhasa Apso!

This is an amazing result for our still young Brooklyn. Big THANK YOU goes to his co-owner Lubica Červeníková, who keeps him in beautiful condition and happy spirit. I, as a breeder and handler of Brooklyn feel very proud! Not only because of his success, but mainly because I was able to breed him.
He is a result of the clever breeding of Linda Kendall Smith from Orlane kennel where both of Brooklyn´s parents come from. I am lucky I was even able to make this breeding. After all, it shows it was a great one.

Huge THANK YOU to all the judges who recognized Brooklyn´s qualities and allowed him to shine!

My best wishes for a happy New Year to everyone!


Our beautiful Brooklyn, BISS Ch. Radically´s Brooklyn had a great weekend at two International shows in Bratislava the past weekend.On Saturday, he won the breed with BOB and CACIB under Mr. Miroslav Václavík (CZ) and Best In Group 2 under Mrs. Brigita Kremser (SLO). On Sunday he won the breed again with CACIB and finished the day off with a Best In Group 3 placement in a strong competition. Both breed and group were judged by toy specialist Mrs. Yolanda Nagler Magal (ISR). We are excited and very proud. thank you to all the judges for appreciating the qualities of our boy!
Beautiful new pictures of Brooklyn moving by Mrs. Zuzana Hodová. Thank you!


Happy to introduce our second litter which was born this summer at our kennel. The puppies are our of BISS Ch. Radically´s Bailee, sired by Ch. Scheel´s Top Priority. Learn more about this exciting litter on their page.


Our beautiful Brooklyn scored again! Today in CAC Kecskement show in Hungary he won BOB and Best In Group 1 under Mrs. Monika Halmi. I am so proud of this boy! Thank you to the judge and thanks to Lubica Červeníková, his co-owner, for keeping him in a beautiful condition.


IMG_7981Our beautiful Brooklyn, BISS Ch. Radically´s Brooklyn, was shown twice this weekend at our “home” international shows in Bratislava. He completed the conditions for International champion on saturday taking CACIB and BOB under Mr. Vladimir Javorčík from Slovakia. He repeated this success on Sunday under Mr. Miroslav Guniš and finnished off the day with res. Best in Group under Mr. Vladimir Javorčík. All and all it was a fantastic weekend. Thank you to all judges!


We have puppies! / Máme šteniatka!

We have a new litter of puppies born! Please, check them out on their page!



I am thrilled to say we showed at the National show in Hungary where our Brooklyn, BISS Ch. Radically´s Brooklyn,  took CAC and BOB under Mr. Gyula Szarkosy. Thank you!


We had a fantastic weekend in Velka Ida, SK. Our Brooklyn, BISS Ch. Radically´s Brooklyn, took the BOB and Group 1 both days at the International and National show under Mr. Vladimír Javorčík and Mrs. Váczi-Balogh Zsuzsanna. Last but not least also finishing as BIS 3rd on Saturday under Mrs. Gabriela Ridarčíková from Slovakia. Thank you to all the judges for making this weekend such a joy!

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