BIS Ch. Orlane´s All Too Easy

Mult. All Breed BIS winner
Mult. All Breed BIS Junior winner
Mult. Best In Group Winner
BIS pedigree CUP 2009 Winner
Cruft´s 2009, 2010, 2011 nominated
#1 Lhasa in Slovakia 2009, 2010

Vice Champion of Champions in Slovakia 2012

AOM Merrimack Specialty ´12 USA
1st AOM Regional National Specialty ´12 USA

International Champion

American Champion
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Poland
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Romania
Champion of Ukraine

Grand Champion of Czech Republic
Grand Champion of Romania
Grand Champion of Slovakia

Croatian Club Junior Winner 2008
Polish Club Junior Winner 2009
Slovak Club Winner 2009
Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2009
Zagreb Winner 2009
Czech National Winner 2010
East Cup Winner 2010
Central-East European Winner 2010

Junior Champion of Austria
Junior Champion of Czech Republic
Junior Champion of Croatia
Junior Champion of Hungary
Junior Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Romania
Junior Champion of Serbia
Junior Champion of Slovakia
Junior Champion of Slovenia

Club Junior Champion of Croatia
Club Champion of Slovakia

D.O.B. 25.11.2007

Ally, the founder of Radically kennel, a very special dog in our hearts. One of a kind showdog and the best friend any dog person could wish for. Here is her story.

Ally was a result of my long contact with two very special dog people. First of them is Mrs. Dorothy Joan Kendall, the founder of the Orlane Kennel that started the line and kennel 50 years ago.

Dorothy Joan  being very outspoken person is not a friend with everyone. However, everyone must admire the work she has done with the breeds she bred. Lhasa apsos being her first and greatest love. I first contacted her when I was 12, hardly speaking any English, using dictionary for every email. She never put me down but tried to teach me. Some 10 years later, i brought home the puppy I dream of since I was that small boy. The puppy was Ally.

Her breeder is Linda Kendall Smith, Dorothy Joan´s daughter, who runs the Orlane kennel now and continues the line of extraordinary animals. I could never be more thankful to these two ladies for all the help and trust they gave me. They believed in me and supported me all the way with my dogs. I can always turn to them for advice or a hug, if I need it. The friendship means to me more than anything.

Ally was a dream come true showdog. I spent all my time with her, grooming her to perfection. She never let me down. She won her first all breed BIS at 16 months old. I loved showing her, because she loved every minute of it. The highlights I remember the most is visiting the National in USA in 2012 where she was awarded first AOM by Keke Kahn, and AOM by Michael Dachel.

I finished her championship in America by myself with the help of Melissa Papke. I remember feeling so proud showing her off. And everyone loved her. Such a personality! Queen of the house and a perfect mother. She was bred twice. Her name will never die.

We tragically lost Ally in an accident in the summer of 2015. The life without her is not the same. She was a unique dog. Loosing her was like loosing a dear friend. She will be always missed.

Orlane story

Orlane Kennel is one of the most influental lhasa apso kennels in the world. Dorothy Joan Kendall and Linda Kendall Smith have been breeding lhasas with respect and great eye for the qualities the line has been presenting for decades. The dogs they have bred have had a great impact on the breed not only in the United States, but became very important in Great Britain years ago when the famous Orlane Intrepid came to UK and changed the breed. This fabulous dog have been so influental all over Europe that no other dog have probably ever been.

Ally is a true Orlane lhasas resulting the best traditions of a famous Orlane/Saxonsprings lines. She is out of the first litter born after the stunning Ch. Orlane´s Easy To Be Me “FatBoy”, who is a son of Ir. & Am. Ch. Showa Fantastic With Pantulf, the famous “Matthew”.

Matthew, bred out of the dogs coming from the old Orlane lines in England and Ireland, was No. 1 Lhasa in the USA in 2007. He is twice BOB winner at Westminster (2007, 2008), twice BOB winner at Eukanuba Invitational and BOB winner at the 2007 ALAC National Specialty. Matthew is a son of Orlane´s Cousteau at Saxonsprings who was send to England to continue the tradition that was so successful with Intrepid and Lamplite in the past. Matthew´s qualities has proven to be wonderful both in the showring and as a stud dog. In connection with the smart linebreeding of the breeder, he has been a great accompishment with the Orlane females.

Ally´s sire, Ch. Orlane´s Easy To Be Me, “FatBoy”, is the first Matthew´s son to become the American Champion. He did it with style while still being in the puppy coat. FatBoy is a bright gold male with a proud, arched neck and natural high head carriage. Moves with a style and is a typical Orlane lhasa with a wonderful sweet character.

Ally´s dam is a particolor bitch Ch. Orlane´s All In The Same Boat, “Bertha”, who quickly finished her title and became an important female in the household. Her sire has never been shown but structurally he is a perfect lhasa with proud and elegant movement. Bertha is a beautiful female with strong body and very balanced proportions. She comes out of the old and famous Orlane dogs that have had a great impact on so many top winners all over the world.

Orlane´s Easy To Be Me
IrCh & USA Ch.
Showa Fantastic With Pantulf
IrCh. & USA Ch.
Orlane´s Cousteau at Saxonsprings
Showa Springtime
Orlane´s Easy On My Mind USA Ch. Orlane´s Easy Does It
USA Ch. Orlane´s Lady Godiva
Orlane´s All In The Same Boat
Orlane´s Inaugural USA Ch. Orlane´s Easy Does It
USA Ch. Orlane´s Nellie Bligh
Orlane´s Come Sail With Me USA Ch. Orlane´s Catamaran
USA Ch. Orlane´s Nellie Bligh

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